Saturday, February 27, 2010

Angelas Mission Call July 2007

October 2007, the night before the MTC

The Ladies in May 2009; Angela's Homecoming
Audrey and Marilyn

This is where it all began... a couple of girls leaving their homes and going to college. We were so young, so naive, but so open to new things. We stayed up late, struggled through our classes, but loved every second of it. Who would have thought that the beginning of these college friendships would last a lifetime. Here is an old picture with a disposable camera hahahaha... of what would be known as my Darlina, Brookie Cookie and Hot Ash :) It will be hard to try and post all of our memories, but one by one, we will fill this with our greatest memories of the past and all of the great ones for the future. Love my loves... MUAH!

love, angelicious