Wednesday, November 11, 2009


-Angela baking cookies in booty shorts and purple heels?
-Ashley's new red heels that she flew down the stairs in?
-the hole in the wall caused by those shoes?
-Whitney's cheddar and sour cream Ruffles?
-Swedish pride?
-trips to the hot tub, especially the one with all the bubbles? Oops.
-watching the O.C. nonstop?
-getting hot over Justin Timberlake's music video?
-Kimmy and Angela "Blow the whistle"?
-fighting over who has to wake the monster (Ashley)?
(by Kira--keep it going!)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

SP 404 Lives On

This is dedicated to the girls who have made sp 404 what it is and the amazing stories that we remember. I'll first start it off with one of my favorites.

Angela and I (Ash) were extremely bored one night....we started off making comments on a facebook picture at 1 in the morning. This turned into a conversation which turned into craziness! We got in our bras and panties and jumped in bed with Brooke, waking her up (and I think pissing her off). We jumped in with Kira and took pictures, singing and laughing. Then we put on trench coats and ran off to Lindsay Collin's apartment to do the same to her. Kira came to with camera in hand to take pictures of the glorious occasion and we woke her up as well. Kira still has the pictures, and they are NOT pretty....please add to this if you can remember it!