Thursday, July 1, 2010


Classic Rexy Summers

Brooke and her cheez itz!

chillin at our lil spot...hayyyyy!!!!

baby oilin it up, ash!

Hot tubbin at nite...dont even remember where we went. Some random guys house. Oh! And we gotta remember our fun times sneakin into the hotel to get in that hot tub! So adventurous ladies!

Jus some summer memories... goin to the sandbar, monkey rock, rigby lake aka rigby swamp... tryna get that summer tan on and listenin to our music, carefree... oh the joys of summertime. If only now we didnt have responsibilities! Such great memories. Now lets plan some summer vacation reunions with the ladies! HOLLA!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the many faces of ashley sue ann marie pullen bradley



Rockstar Status





We all love our sweet

Old Memories Spotlighting pics: found!

Spotlighting at its best...look at that!

Good times with apt 905 back in the day!

Excited to be on our way! Fun nite!

Friday, June 18, 2010


We are all divas...

Celine and Ang are obsessed with Beyonce... she is our idol. We want to be her.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Spot Lighting - Ashley

One of my favorite things we did together was spotlighting with the 905 boys. We started out the night playing hide and go seek in a potato cellar where we almost got KILLED by some crazy potato farmer! I guess they don't like trespassing on their precious cellars. It's not like we were stealing anything....We saw the lights coming so we hid behind a couple hay stacks. The farmers came into the cellar yelling at us to come out and that they "knew we were in there!". We stayed put for a while thinking they'd go away....they didn't! So Steve Wells (I think) jumped out and scared them, haha, we ended up leaving pretty quick.
Then we went allll over Rexburg with that MONSTER spotlight screaming and interrupting a looooot of couples! We caught one couple in their car across the street from Club Strata (RIP), the girl had her shirt off while she was on top of the guy going at it! hahah, we got the finger and I think they tried to chase us. LOVED spotlighting :)

I dont' think we took any pictures that night, Ang you would know better :) If you have some, PUT THEM UP! Loves.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Angelas Mission Call July 2007

October 2007, the night before the MTC

The Ladies in May 2009; Angela's Homecoming
Audrey and Marilyn

This is where it all began... a couple of girls leaving their homes and going to college. We were so young, so naive, but so open to new things. We stayed up late, struggled through our classes, but loved every second of it. Who would have thought that the beginning of these college friendships would last a lifetime. Here is an old picture with a disposable camera hahahaha... of what would be known as my Darlina, Brookie Cookie and Hot Ash :) It will be hard to try and post all of our memories, but one by one, we will fill this with our greatest memories of the past and all of the great ones for the future. Love my loves... MUAH!

love, angelicious